Classic cooling scent

Dry perfume powder
Pharmacist original

IODERM Classic
Cooling Powder

40 years of well-known formula “Long Lasting Cooling, Scented & Refreshing”

Powder’s texture is smooth and fine. Stays on skin by the combination of extracted oil, with long lasting fragrant. These are their unique features.

Help reduce blister – rash – itching, acne on your back. Help absorb sweat and cool the skin. After using, you will feel fresh and comfortable.

Suitable for outdoor workers or in a hot and humid climate.
See better result if product is used with Ioderm hygienic soap.

Ioderm Classic Cooling How does it help?

Cool, refreshing…confident all day
The original formula of dry cooling powder will make your skin feel fresh and comfortable after using it.
Powder has Essential Oil to help reduce rashes. Absorbs sweat, making skin smooth and soft
with long lasting fresh scent.

Scented, Refreshing for your Confidence

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