Sweet Secret Scent

Fragrant powder for skin care.
Pharmacist original

Ioderm Powder
Sweet Secret

New formula with special fragrance from varieties of flowers, deeply fragrant, cooling to help you feel refreshing and happy.

With extracts from deep sea algae to help nourish for smoother skin.

Suitable for indoor workers who love smoothness and comfort of the skin
See better result when used with Ioderm hygienic soap.

Ioderm Cooling Powder Sweet Secret How does it help?

Soft, smooth, and healthy skin with Laminaria Extract. Cool and comfortable skin.
Smells fresh and confident all day. With this powder, the skin is smooth and soft to the touch. Help absorb excess oil. Protect your skin from the irritation of sunlight.
Long lasting fresh scent with a unique dry perfume formula.

Long Lasting Cooling
Scented, Refreshing for your Confidence

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